Participation in preparing and developing:

  • an operational model of the electric power industry
  • national power  policy
  • regulations of the energy law and its secondary legislation
  • opinions and expertise on energy security
  • provisions of the laws and regulations governing the activities in the power sector

Activities implemented for Companies - Supporting Members

  • issuing opinions and legal analyses
  • testing consumer load – creating a catalogue of electricity consumption profiles
  • developing and implementing new technologies
  • conducting standardization work
  • unification and typification of technical solutions
  • organizing specialized training courses
  • publishing
  • participation in proceedings with state administration bodies
  • carrying out economic analyses

Coordination of joint projects implemented by Companies-Supporting Members

  • using the resources from aid funds (PTPiREE is a member of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment and a member of the Team Advising the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development on Community Regulations)
  • improving distribution tariffs
  • co-management of dispatcher communication (PTPiREE is trunking network operator)
  • creating a positive image of power industry
  • increasing the safety in using electricity
  • promoting environmentally friendly behaviours (e.g. Stop for low emission)
  • sharing experiences