Funds for power sector

The Association undertakes numerous initiatives related to the use of aid funds by operators. The most important initiatives are presented below:


  • Expert cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and with the Ministry of Economy in programming the support from EU funds for the power sector investments and monitoring the implementation of aid programs.
  • Members of the Association participate actively in the work  of  teams and working groups under the auspices of the above ministries, including:
  • Team of Advisors for Community Regulations of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, dedicated to operational programs
  • Working Groups of the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, involved in preparing Project Pipeline 2014-2020 for the power sector (the part related to power distribution sector)
  • Working Group of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development involved in supporting  works on the operational program for low-carbon economy, environment protection, preventing and adapting to climate changes, power transmissions and security, coordination of thematic objectives 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013
  • Working Group on power sector within the framework of the Coordinating Committee of the National Strategic Reference Framework for 2007-2013
  • Operating an information office for power industry participants – it provides information on  co-financing the investment projects, research and development and training; it also advices  on obtaining and accounting grants by entities in the energy sector.
    Basic information in this field are available at
  • Preparing and coordinating implementation of projects co-financed from EU, including the  initiatives of the Association and partner projects of horizontal nature, implemented in the power sector (including those related to power market, energy efficiency, energy security, smart grids etc.).
  • Preparing research documents and expert opinions  on selected issues relating to public aid for energy sector and the use of aid funds by stakeholders of electricity transmission and distribution sector.