Information campaigns

The Association carries out extensive educational activities, focusing mainly on information, promotion and educational campaigns covering various aspects of the energy sector.

  • Power market

A nationwide information campaign on the energy market and the role of the electricity system operators.

The campaign is implemented in cooperation with the operators of distribution systems and with the operator of the transmission system. It includes a series of activities aimed at consumers and decision-makers in central and local governments, industry associations, consumers and media representatives.

More information on the campaign and educational materials of the campaign are available here.

  • Smart energy networks

A nationwide information and education campaign entitled "Smart grids - for home, environment and economy", initiated in 2013 in cooperation with the operators of distribution systems, the operator of the transmission system , the Energy Regulatory Office and the Energy Trading Association.

The campaign covers a series of pro-environmental education actions underlining rational and efficient use of electricity with modern solutions of smart energy networks, with particular emphasis on smart metering.

Key elements of the campaign include: public opinion surveys; research and education activities in model buildings equipped with smart meters; an educational campaign in the press, television and the Internet; distributing brochures; providing specialized training for the installers of meters and help-line personnel; national conference and expert debates.

More information on the campaign and educational materials are available at The project is supported by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

  • Preventing theft of energy infrastructure elements

PTPiREE participates in the work of the Memorandum on preventing theft and devastation of power infrastructure and the related Foundation "Niezlomni" (Unscraped), established in 2013, which is the executive body of the Memorandum.

The Memorandum on cooperation in tackling the problem of theft and devastation of infrastructure was signed in August 2012, It was an initiative of the Presidents of the Office of Electronic Communications, Energy Regulatory Office and the Office of Rail Transport.

In addition to representatives of PTPiREE, the Memorandum was signed also by representatives of the National Chamber of Ethernet Communications, Chamber of Commerce for Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling, PKP PLK, the Association of Independent Railway Carriers, TP SA and Netia SA

The initiative was supported by the Chief of Police, who ordered provincial police commanders to take special supervision of all matters related to theft and devastation of the infrastructure.

Representatives of the PTPiREE Office PTPiREE are members of Memorandum Steering Committee.

The activities of the Memorandum and the Foundation included: creating a system of inter-branch information exchange – Information Platform for Infrastructure Incidents, Theft and Devastation (PIKiD); a social campaign against infrastructure theft and devastation; monitoring proposed regulations and submitting regulation change proposals , e.g. for the Penal Code, Offence Code, Act on freedom of economic activity and the Act on Waste.

  • Safer electricity

A nationwide educational program "Safer electricity", initiated in 2002 in cooperation with the distribution system operators and the transmission system operator (7 complete editions of the program ).

The aim of the program is to raise awareness of the proper use of electrical appliances among children and young people, and to promote safe and rational use of electricity.

Safe electricity" program  “Safer electricity" has a honorary patronage of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and the Children's Ombudsman.

The Program consists of competitions for students of primary and secondary schools (art, literary, photographic competitions), screening of educational films and special lectures on the principles of safe use of electricity and the use of electrical appliances, competitions for teachers in preparing lessons on safe and rational use of electricity.

The participants of the program provided many educational materials, including brochures, leaflets, educational materials and a short animated educational film for children "Safer with electricity".