Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association (PTPiREE) was established on 29 August 1990. PTPiREE is an association of the Distribution Network Operators (Enea Operator, Energa – Operator, PGE Dystrybucja, Tauron Dystrybucja, innogy Stoen Operator and PKP Energetyka) and the Transmission Network Operator (PSE). It works for the transformation of the Polish power industry, aiming to improve the operational efficiency of the power network, as well as the quality of services and customer service. Its operation includes consulting, training and publishing.


  • supports changes and implementation of new technologies in the power sector
  • conducts economic, legal and technical analyses
  • is active in the field of standardization, unification, consultancy, publishing and education
  • prepares applications for EU subsidies for energy projects
  • organizes specialized training, seminars and conferences

The work of PTPiREE includes a number of thematic areas, which are addressed by numerous committees and working groups that actively involve representatives of energy companies affiliated in the association.

The work is conducted in the following areas:

Economic and Legal Issues

Acting within legislative framework, PTPiREE promotes rational development of regulatory environment, which would be favourable for developing the Polish power industry. The association initiates and monitors the work on regulations concerning the activities of network operators, helping them to meet the requirements, both of national and EU legislation. It actively participates in the legislative process, analysing and issuing opinions on legislative proposals at various stages of work.
It works on preparing and presenting a common position on issues important for companies involved in transmission and distribution of electricity. The association is actively involved in shaping the national energy policy and energy law.

Technical and Distribution Issues

PTPiREE takes action to work out a common position for electricity distributors on key issues for the entire sub-sector, and it is working towards comprehensive development and rational use of power network and devices for transmission and distribution of electricity. It prepares unification catalogues, technical analyses, drafts of legislation acts and standards. It cooperates with the Polish Committee for Standardization and other technical organizations and universities.

Training and Publishing Issues

PTPiREE organizes each year dozens of conferences, training sessions and seminars in the field of energy law, techniques and technologies used in the energy sector. It also organizes single events responding to current issues relevant to the energy sector. Most of them are prepared for the needs of Distribution System Operators and the Transmission System Operator. These events are also popular among companies involved in electricity trading and production, gas and telecommunications companies, as well as suppliers of products and services for the power industry.
The most important publications include: "Energia Elektryczna" industry magazine (published since 1991) and unification catalogues that unify technology solutions for LV and MV networks (more than 80 catalogues in the offer).

European Programs

PTPiREE provides advisory services in obtaining EU funds for power sector investments in Poland and monitors the processes of implementing the assistance programs. It helps the entities from the energy sector to obtain and settle the subsidies.
It prepares and coordinates the implementation of projects financed from EU funds (including those related to the energy market, energy efficiency, energy security and smart energy networks). PTPiREE provides also informational and educational activities related to the operation of the energy sector in Poland.

Office of Radio Communications Network Operator

PTPiREE performs also important role of the operator of the radio communications system for the distribution companies, providing frequency bands for their systems. It participates in the work on the concept of Nationwide Digital Radio Communication System.

PTPiREE is an association of the Distribution Network Operators (Operator Enea, Energa - Operator, Distribution PGE, Tauron Distribution, Innogy Stoen Operator and Power Station) and the Transmission Network Operator (PSE).

Distribution system operators are responsible for the operation of electricity networks, their maintenance, modernization and management. They also monitor safe operation of the distribution system. The largest distribution system operators provide electricity to over 17 million customers.

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) is Transmission System Operator (TSO), which operates throughout Poland. The core business of PSE is to provide electricity transmission services, maintaining the required safety of the National Power System.