Conferences and training activities

PTPiREE provides extensive training services. It organises 15 regular conferences on energy law, techniques and technologies used in the power industry, as well as dozens of training courses and seminars. The association organises also one-time events focused on current issues important for the energy sector. Most of them is dedicated to distribution system operators and the transmission system operator, but due to common problems and issues, we invite also companies involved in electricity trading and entities from electricity, gas and telecommunications sectors

If our current offer does not meet your requirements, please contact us in order to prepare a customised  offer.

Subjects of conferences (held regularly)

  1. Overhead electrical lines
  2. Electrical cable lines – current condition, new techniques
  3. HV/MV and HV/LV substations
  4. TRANSFORMATOR International Conference
  5. Energy losses in electricity grids
  6. Estimating and forecasting loads in electricity grids
  7. Problems of reactive power in distribution and transmission networks
  8. Measurements and diagnostics in electricity grids
  9. Quality of electrical energy in electricity grids in Poland and energy efficiency
  10. Connecting RES and their cooperation with power grid
  11. Live Works in LV, MV, HV networks  in Poland and worldwide
  12. Road lighting - managing lighting systems across the country
  13. PR and Marketing in the power sector
  14. IT systems in the power sector
  15. Options of obtaining financial support for infrastructure investments from European funds

Training subjects

  • Network the companies vs Road authorities. Locating network infrastructure equipment in the traffic lanes and the mechanisms of removing and accounting network infrastructure colliding with road investments.
  • Changes in the legislation – Act on competition and consumer protection in the context of the rights and obligations of power companies.
  • Transmission easement and other legal mechanisms regulating the legal status of network infrastructure.
  • Contracts in the electricity market. Transmission system operators, suppliers and consumers .
  • Power isolators. Requirements, tests, standardization and selecting proper devices for the operating conditions,
  • Debt collection and methods to effective formal and legal protection of interests of power companies - with particular emphasis on the protection means available to the operators of distribution networks
  • Investments in electricity lines with particular emphasis on felling of trees and removing shrubs in the areas of power lines
  • The requirements of human and environmental safety in operating high voltage electrical equipment, filled with sulphur hexafluoride, as required by European and national regulations.
  • Power isolators. Requirements, tests, standardization and selecting proper devices for the operating conditions,
  • Operation of transformers - basic course
  • Operation of transformers – 2nd level course
  • Specialist tests on transformers
  • Materials, construction, design and operational problems of modern overhead lines,
  • Power cables
  • Designing the electricity grid basing on type catalogues issued by PTPiREE
  • Power cables and cable lines 15 – 110 kV
  • Reducing balance differences and Smart technologies
  • Testing shock protection in low voltage systems
  • Testing shock protection in lines and stations with voltage exceeding 1kV
  • Shock protection in high voltage equipment
  • Shock protection in low voltage equipment
  • Occupational health and safety and environmental protection in the energy sector

Find detailed information on all trainings and conferences currently organised by PTPiREE in “News” section.