Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association operates in the broad field of legislation, creating new solutions and methods to be applied in the market of transmission and distribution of electricity. In particular, the organisation is focused on new requirements for operators of distribution and transmission systems, resulting from the EU legislation and their adaptation into the Polish legal system

Activities in the legal framework involve mainly: initiating the legislative process; monitoring the legislative work related to energy companies; analysing and issuing opinions on legal projects at every stage of their development. PTPiREE implements its tasks as a social organization, operating under the Association Law.

PTPiREE is focused on  every act that governs the operation of energy companies, in the area of administrative, civil and criminal law. PTPiREE focuses primarily on:

  • Act on Energy Law and its secondary legislation,
  • Regulations concerning g the infrastructure located on plots not owned by network operators
  • Regulations for zoning and land use, including restrictions for locating power infrastructure,
  • Act on renewable energy sources,
  • Regulations governing the occupational health and safety in the power industry.
  • Rules for energy efficiency and power quality.
  • Any regulations concerning the operators of distribution and transmission systems in terms of their business activity, taxes and legal procedures.

In addition, PTPiREE is also actively involved in the work on the government document ‘Polish Energy Policy’, having its representative in the expert group of the Ministry of Economy and by commenting draft documents subject to public consultation.

PTPiREE also monitors legislative initiatives of the European Union, presenting its position through EURELECTRIC or in consultations with individual ministries.

Work on the legal framework are performed by representatives of the operators of distribution and transmission systems in the Board of Directors on Law Issues, supported by employees of the PTPiREE Office.