Structure of power industry in Poland



National Power System

Continuity and stability of electricity supplies is guaranteed by a group of entities forming subsystems within the National Power System. These entities are separate units managed by separate institutions and regulations. Subsystems constituting the National Power System include:

  • production sub-system – consisting of all power generating sources in the country,
  • transmission network - consisting of extra high voltage lines (EHV) with a voltage of 200 and 400 kV and EHV substations,
  • distribution network - providing electricity to consumers via power lines with a voltage of 110 kV and lower, and power stations of high and medium voltage.


Trading companies, involved in electricity trading, purchase energy from the producers and sell it to final customers. Transaction prices and terms are agreed individually between sellers and buyers or result from the rules of electricity purchase.

A special group of electricity trading companies consists of the entities established in 2007 as a result of dividing the Power Plants into companies producing and distributing the electricity.

These companies sell electricity to households located in the operational area of former Power Plants, from which they were created. They sell energy at prices specified in tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office.